Welcome Back, Delegates.

For 18 years, CIMUN has been a premier conference for scholastic Model United Nations programs.

Beginning with our opening ceremonies, delegates are introduced to a fully-integrated simulation, where they are challenged to work across committees as they confront complex present-day and historical issues.

The CIMUN Philosophy is to educate through accuracy and realism. In this regard, action taken in one committee affects the proceedings in every other committee. Crises occur in real-time throughout the weekend, and CIMUN staff diligently work to create a conference that is fast-paced, nuanced, and above all else, educational. CIMUN recognizes that nations cannot always solve problems together, and that the complexity of international affairs is high. Delegates are rewarded for demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of their nation's stance and role on the global stage, rather than for passing empty resolutions or for compromising their nation's values.

As an independent conference, CIMUN is not affiliated with any university. Rather, we are a diverse and talented team of students, post-graduates, and professionals from backgrounds in academia, finance, politics, business, technology and more to deliver a high-caliber educational experience to our delegates.

This coming year, we welcome you - delegates, faculty, sponsors, and all others - in-person, to the 18th Chicago International Model United Nations conference. We hope you can make it!

Join us in-person!

February 3rd - 6th, 2022

The Palmer House Hilton Hotel
17 East Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603

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