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As you prepare to join us for CIMUN XVIII, the CIMUN team is excited to present the committees and cabinets for 2022! Delegates will soon find themselves present in these committees, working with their colleagues in committee to help solve global issues and tackle complex real-world challenges.

As usual, delegates will participate in immersive Present-Day and Historical committees. This year, CIMUN will feature committees and cabinets from the year of 1950. Additionally, delegates may also participate in our unique press delegations, where participating delegates report on breaking news as events unfold at CIMUN.

Present-Day Committees

Press coverage provided by Delegates from the International Press Delegation (IPD)

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Anticipated Topics:

  1. Defusing the Situation in Ethiopia and Preventing Regional Instability
  2. The Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  3. Preventing Armament in Space

About the United Nations Security Council

World Health Organization (WHO)

Anticipated Topics:

  1. Ensuring Equitable Vaccine Distribution
  2. Sexual & Reproductive Health
  3. Air Pollution & Its Effects on Human Health

About the World Health Organization