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About the Chicago International Model United Nations

The Chicago International Model United Nations, also known as CIMUN, is a groundbreaking educational political simulation for high school students. Our conference is characterized by its immersive nature, realism and fun. Our staff is dedicated to the mission of providing a conference that covers the most realistic and relevant themes in international politics and ensures they are explored through challenging debate.


The Model United Nations Development Organization (MUNDO) is an independent educational organization that has been producing high quality, simulation-driven Model UN programs since 2003 in both Chicago and Mexico City. We seek to help students build their understanding of global politics through realistic, fast-paced experiential education programs that promote critical thinking and leadership development.


The CIMUN philosophy is rooted in realism. We encourage delegates to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of both their positions and the international system as a whole. As a result, delegations are given the opportunity to negotiate in order to best promote their national interest, simulating the work of actual diplomats in a variety of forums—awards are not given for passing empty resolutions or compromising national policy.

From the start of opening ceremonies, students are immediately introduced to a 24/7, fully integrated simulation. Delegates will be challenged to work across committees and find dynamic ways to confront the complex issues facing 21st century states. At CIMUN, all committees feature a fully-integrated crisis simulation that will force delegates to think on their feet and work across multiple committees. From the General Assembly to our Parliamentary Cabinets and Regional Bodies, all of our committees are vital participants in the crisis, constituting one of the largest integrated MUN simulations in the world.

CIMUN's ambitious mission can only be achieved through constant innovation, masterfully designed and implemented by our diverse and talented team of passionate volunteers. For example, our student-run media gives students the chance to experience technology and the ever-changing news cycle throughout the conference by publishing their own articles as a part of the simulation, using both traditional media formats and social media.