It's Not Just
Model UN,
It's Politics.

Most conferences try to teach delegates how the world ought to be. We want to show them how the world is. Model UN is not just about diplomacy — it’s about politics.

Welcome to CIMUN!

Dear Visitor,

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the twelfth annual Chicago International Model United Nations, held December 10-13, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Avenue in the heart of downtown Chicago. CIMUN is a groundbreaking educational political simulation for high school students organized by the Model United Nations Development Organization (MUNDO). This year’s program is the product of nearly a year of diligent preparation by our team of over 125 volunteer staff members, and we are confident that you will count CIMUN among your most memorable educational experiences.

At the core of the CIMUN philosophy is a strong focus on realism and innovation, with our primary goal being the accurate portrayal of the challenges faced by real-life diplomats and politicians. All committees at CIMUN feature a fully-integrated crisis simulation, forcing delegates to think on their feet and work as a team between multiple committees to solve demanding international problems. The result is an unconventional conference that immerses students in a global context, and makes CIMUN a truly one of a kind Model UN experience.

As one of the nation's largest independent conferences, CIMUN is staffed by a diverse and talented team of students, post-graduates, and professionals from over 50 colleges and universities, selected through a highly-competitive application process. As of our last conference, 20% of our staff are either current or former Secretaries-General or hold leadership positions in prestigious university-level Model UN programs. CIMUN also offers one of the lowest staff-to-delegate ratios of any major conference, with one staff member for every eight delegates.

This year, our conference will feature 20 innovative committees, most with 15 delegates or less, and a historical simulation set in 2003 that will place students in key decision-making roles in the midst of a time that shaped our modern world. Our unique simulation-driven model gives delegates in all committees the opportunity to make world-changing decisions in real time, and requires them to think critically beyond the bounds of any one topic to best represent their national interests.

We hope that you enjoy your stay at the conference and in the great city of Chicago.

Christine Hudak

Conference Highlights

    A fully integrated, dynamic simulation across all committees - from the General Assembly to the Soviet Politburo

    Historical and present day committees with an emphasis on political realism

    Lowest staff to delegate ratio of any conference in the world: no overcrowded committees!

    Innovative technology and conference media – from mobile apps to the CIMUN News Network

    Diverse programming: travel packages, meal plans, international panels, and notable speakers

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Important Dates

May 1st, 2015:
Priority Registration Opens

September 1st, 2015:
Priority Registration Ends

November 1st, 2015:
Regular Registration Ends

December 1st, 2015:
Position Papers Due

More Than Just Model UN

Instead of spending a weekend musing about how the world "should be," CIMUN's unique take on Model UN exposes students to the real-life challenges, triumphs, and intrigues of complex global diplomacy, empowering them to tackle world-shaping issues in a realistic context.



From the start of opening ceremonies, students are immediately introduced to a 24/7, fully integrated simulation. Delegates will be challenged to work across committees and find dynamic ways to confront the complex issues facing 21st century states.


CIMUN encourages delegates to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of both their positions, as well as the international system as a whole. The CIMUN philosophy is rooted in realism - awards are not given for passing empty resolutions or compromising national policy.


CIMUN is not affiliated with any university – we are a diverse and talented team of students, post-graduates, and professionals from around the world. Our team draws from the worlds of academics, finance, politics, business, and more to deliver a higher-caliber educational experience to our delegates.

Media and Technology

Media and technology are an integral part of the CIMUN experience, allowing delegates across the conference to be fully immersed in the events of the Simulation. Features include a live news ticker in all committees, a student-run press corps, and even our own cable network broadcast throughout the hotel. Below are some highlights from past conferences.

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